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Kent Clelland (WV, USA) is a contemporary new media artist specialized in audio composition. Professionally involved with the computer music scene since 1995, Clelland’s software instruments and tools are presently being used by producers and composers worldwide.


A graduate of the Composition for Interactive Media program at California Institute of the Arts – CalArts, Clelland focussed during his graduate studies on biofeedback music and interactive software design. In 1997 Clelland was invited by André Richard at the Experimentalstudio Freiburg (SWR) to move to Germany and produce electro-acoustic music for choice composers at the Heinrich Strobel Stiftung.


For five years Clelland resided and worked in Berlin at Native Instruments where is is best known for having designed and implemented the NI-Spektral Delay and Vokator. During his time in Berlin, Clelland received a crash-course in electronic club music and maintained a regular performance schedule playing experimental beat excursions in dark places at very late hours. Currently Clelland is pioneering an online collaborative environment he dubs Social Synthesis.