new media art collaborative network

AETHERBITS is an international new media artist collective comprising Mariela Cádiz (Spain), Kent Clelland (USA) and Denis Lelong (France).

Mariela Cádiz, Kent Clelland and Denis Lelong met in 1994 in the U.S.A. while studying at California Institute of the Arts / CalArts, since then they have collaborated regularly. Their works range from award winning computer animation films to interactive installations, live cinema performances and compositions for new media.

Cádiz, Clelland and Lelong consider their collaborational technique that of fusing together common interests, ideas, perspectives, and audiovisual real-time techniques. They refer to this as a con-fusion. Confusing a large collection of both commercial and home-brew software, hardware controllers, intranet communication, and human-response feedback, they create experimental audiovisual projects.

Their current interests involve the development of live cinema performances, the philosophical / audiovisual / inter-media performance project DE UMBRIS IDEARUM and the SOCIAL SYNTHESIZER.

Computer musician Kent Clelland studied saxophone performance, music theory and composition as a prelude to his Masters in Composition for Interactive Media. He’s currently living in Germany, making his own music and designing software for audio and video. Since the inception of online user contributed applications Clelland has been involved with inventing new compositional strategies for a centralized score generation system combined with audiovisual synthesis.

Mariela Cádiz studied Fine Arts (painting) in Madrid (Spain) and Düsseldorf (Germany) and Denis Lelong studied Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art (metal sculpture) in Paris (France). They both specialized in new technologies for visual media at CalArts with a Masters of Fine Arts degree. They currently live in France and work in new media.