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Levántate (2002)

Interactive AudioVisual Installation
With musical collaboration of Kent Clelland
Courtesy of Mariela Cádiz

Levántate invites a direct and intimate approach: by means of our presence and our voices, it allows us to form part of the creative and generative process of the work. If we speak within the area of the installation, the body will make a subtle response to our sounds and, after a short time, we are able to listen to our own voices transforming and slowly disintegrating in the air. There is no beginning and no end; there is no starting point and no conclusion. The body remains, carefully destroying itself and preserving itself, only changing to the chaotic beat of our voices and of those of people who spoke before us.

All the technological elements of Levántate are interconnected and they receive sounds live from a microphone concealed in the darkness. The sounds picked up by the microphone are used by two electronic hearts (two computers), the one listening to the other in a constant transfusion of data, in order to process in real time everything that determines and influences the process of destruction and regeneration of the electronic body.

Special thanks to Berenice Hernández for her Vocal Performance.

Levántate was produced with the assistance of Caja Madrid.

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