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Levántate (Rise)

Interactive installation, 2002-2005
Mariela Cádiz / Kent Clelland

In Levántate, the image of an electronic body, projected from above onto a sort of sarcophagus, reveals the most intangible part of human nature: an unending flow of information and energy in constant transformation.

The human body, understood as an information transmitter and receptor, is in permanent communication and interaction with its surroundings. The continuous material and immaterial signs we receive inform, transform, nourish and consume us. Our existence emerges and evolves in a field of interferences between the individual and collective psyches. We are permeable to external information and vulnerable to aggression, manipulation and transformation through our environment and the media.

The installation invites us to a “digital vigil” in which we are part of the work’s creative, destructive and regenerative process. As spectators we are witnesses and we also form part of the interactive system: by talking, we can subtly alter the transformation process of the body, and after a while, we hear our own voices disintegrating and slowly dissolving in the air.

Impressions, echoes, resonances: the memory of those present is transformed and disperses in the digital aether. Artificial life is fuelled by the experiences and emotions of those present as well as by the reminiscence of collective memory. The transciever body is thus transformed into a luminous, fragile electronic membrane that exists through language and memory. There is neither beginning nor end, origin nor destination. The image and its code live in perpetual flux. The electronic body remains, destroying and preserving itself carefully, altering the chaotic beat of our voices with that of those who spoke before us.

In the era of digital entropy, information is not destroyed nor does it die; it is transformed.